Rick Robinson for Oceanside City Council District 2

Rick Robinson for Oceanside City Council District 2


Protect, Enhance, & Support The Future & The History Of District 2

October 13, 2022

Dear Voter:

Recently, you may have received information that is at best misleading as to my support for those of you who live in our many mobile home communities. I do not know why the misinformation was published or
distributed; I can only surmise that it was for political purposes to support a specific candidate. What is stated in that flyer is demonstrably untrue.

In an earlier communication on Facebook, I may not have been clear enough on my support for rent control in our mobile home parks. As your councilmember, I promise to uphold the statutes and regulations related to the governance of mobile home rent controls as found in City Code Section 16B. Rent control as provided for in the Code, is necessary to ensure parks remain safe, functional, and attractive.

Beyond the rent control issue, I support the recent actions taken by Housing Staff to modify emergency
financial assistance for mobile homeowners who qualify as low, very low and extremely low-income levels.
Furthermore, the city should provide staff the necessary training so that mandated annual mobile home park
inspections are comprehensive and meet the regulated requirements.

I will advocate that the Manufactured Home Fair Practices Commission maintain a full roster and be filled by the best qualified persons who desire to serve with adequate support by city staff.

With me, you have an advocate who looks beyond any single issue. Our MHP communities are an important
housing component in the city. For first time home buyers, our MHP’s may be their best option. This was true for me, as my first home purchase was a mobile home in Escondido. Mobile home living offers our seniors to live in like-minded communities of interest. MHP’s are also well suited for families who find mobile home living right for them.

As the former City of Oceanside fire chief, I met with many of our mobile communities and homeowners to
share ways to make their parks and homes safer. I have inspected park facilities, installed smoke alarms in residences, and ensured fire safety systems complied with code.

I have been your neighbor for more than 34 years. I have been a servant of the public for more than 45 years and with your vote I hope to continue in my service to others. Regardless of the candidate you may choose, I want you to know the truth about me and my positions on our mobile home communities. Please consider your choices carefully, then vote for the person you believe will by your best representative on the Oceanside City Council.

Respectfully yours,

Rick Robinson

Candidate for Oceanside City Council, District 2




What I stand for

Being a productive councilmember will require building consensus with the mayor and fellow councilmembers. Keeping District 2 and all of Oceanside on a financially solid path will take establishing relationships and understanding the wants and needs of our residents. I have the experience and skill set to accomplish this and keep our city moving forward.

The path to success is recognizing the city council is a team of five. Accomplishments can only happen when you have three votes.

About Rick

I am a native Californian and have lived in San Diego County since 1977. I am married to Cheryl, who is a native San Diegan. We moved to Oceanside in 1988, located in District 2, and have no plans to go anywhere else. On July 17, 2022, Cheryl and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary. We raised our four children here in Oceanside, with all of them graduating from El Camino High School. To date we have eleven marvelous grandchildren; we hope an even dozen may be in our future. On July 29, 2022, I ended my Fire Service career after 45-year of service. For the last six years it has been my privilege to have served as the Oceanside Fire Chief. The majority of my career was spent in Orange County, where I moved up the ranks to Division Chief at the time of retirement in 2013. In 2014, I began working for the Oceanside Fire Department in the Fire Prevention Division. In 2016 I was selected to be the Fire Chief.

I hold several degrees and professional certifications, including a Bachelor’s in Technical Education and a Master’s in Organizational Management. I have attended the National Fire Academy for professional development and am a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer course of study. My passion in the fire department has always been Emergency Medical Services, and I have maintained my paramedic license for 40 years.

One of my greatest honors, was to have worn the uniform of a U.S. Navy sailor. I joined the U.S. Naval Reserves at 32 years of age. Coming from a family with a long military history, I always felt as if I had missed a calling. Leveraging my paramedic training and experience, I became a FMF Corpsman (HM1). A reservist for a total of eight years, I was called to active duty in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990.
Rick Robinson Oceanside Ca
Pre-deployment training at Camp Pendleton was one of the most difficult trainings I had experienced. With a rapid conclusion of hostilities due to our amazing military, I chose to remain on active duty at Camp Pendleton until other active-duty corpsman could be returned to their pre-war assignments. I completed my service with the rank of Petty Officer First Class.

As our children grew up in Oceanside, Cheryl and I were deeply involved with their schools. Cheryl began as a Noon Duty at Reynolds Elementary and would stay with the district for 19 years (13 full-time) until her retirement in 2018. We served on the ECHS Athletic Booster Club during the kid’s high school years. Other community services included the Oceanside’s Human Relations Commission (Past). I am member of American Legion Post 760 and serve as the current Finance Officer. We also support the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club, where I serve on the Programs and Personnel Committee. As Fire Chief I have had the honor to speak to several of the city’s service clubs, including Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, the Oceanside Women’s Club, and the North County African Americans Women’s Association’s youth mentoring program.

KOCT Interview with Oceanside Fire Chief Rick Robinson


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“I have a lot of service left to give and I know that as a City Councilperson for the City of Oceanside and specifically for District 2, I can continue to make a difference for others.

I am asking for your vote on November 8, 2022.”

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